Traditional upholstery in progress

Traditional upholstery is quite a process as you can see from these pictures! Before I can upholster the top fabric, there are lots of stages to go through. I started by stripping the old upholstery and sanded / waxed the show wood. Then I put the new webbing on, sew on the springs, lashed the springs tight and covered them with hessian stitched in place. After this, I add handfuls of fibre and teased them out evenly for the first stuffing. With a layer of hessian over this, I then stitched the edges for shape and firmness. A second layer of stuffing goes on top, followed by a layer of wool wadding. Then a wool interliner continues to give the seat shape. The back of the chair was made with hessian, a layer of black felt and polyester wadding. Then I was ready for the top fabric! I used an Emerald green velvet by Linwood for the seat and inside back, and a linen print from GP& J Baker for the outside back. Quite a transformation!

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