Recent re-upholstery work

Here you can see some examples of the commissions I have been working on, with before and after pictures. Find more information on commissions here: Re-upholstery service.

Modern Chaise re-upholstered in Tigris velvet

Occasional deep-buttoned chair

This deep-buttoned nursing chair was in need of a recover. The customer choose a warm pink wool, which gives the chair a much softer look. The seat and back also have an extra layer of polyester to make it more comfortable and slightly fuller.


Winged Parker Knoll arm chair

A customer commissioned this Parker Knoll armchair to be upholstered in a tartan from Abraham Moon and sons. They choose a bold pattern of warm autumn colours. Pattern matching was a challenge, but very satisfying!

Small antique sofa

A beautifully carved antique sofa was in need of some careful attention. The customer choose a lovely vibrant green wool from Isle Mill fabric, which contrast well with the wood. The traditional seat was repaired with new webbing, hessian, new edge roll and extra wool wadding. The back and arms also had a repair and new skin wadding. After a good clean up of the wood, the sofa is looking in great shape again!

Modern sofa

This solid sofa was in desperate need of a recover with the old fabric ripped and faded. The customer chose a beautiful light grey Parquet wool by A. Moon and the sofa was transformed as a result.

Parker Knoll rocking chair

This is a lovely Parker knoll rocking chair frame, brought to me by a customer looking for a revamp. I sanded the wood and oiled it, and completely re-upholstered the chair with new springs, seat pad, reflex cushion and newly upholstered in a rich red Moon wool.

Antique iron back chair

An amazing iron back chair: it needed complete building up again from the frame using traditional materials and methods. Worth all the effort! Finished in a herringbone wool by Abraham Moon .

Wooden rocking chair

This Rocking chair needed complete re-upholstery with new foam, polyester and finished with a wool from Abraham Moon.

Cintique arm chair

A Cintique chair with emotional value was re-upholstered with a blue vintage style weave from Clarke and Clarke fabric. I used a blue velvet fabric for piping and the arms are upholstered in velvet for a luxurious look and feel.

Parker Knoll winged arm chair

This Parker Knoll winged armchair had seen better days. The customer chose to stay with the Damask type fabric, but with more padding, new cushion and a lovely new Damask fabric, the chair can now be loved again for years to come.

Pair of antique chairs

These two old chairs needed a complete new look! Wood was painted wit chalk paint, new upholstery and a lovely marble velvet for a classy look.