Re-upholstery service

Re-upholstery Service

Flamingo Upholstery offers a bespoke re-upholstery service for your old and dated furniture. Chairs and sofa’s which you love but are worn out, can be transformed and brought back to full glory again. It might need just a recover with a new upholstery fabric, but often the upholstery underneath the fabric needs repairing or replacing too. Whatever your wishes are, I can discuss the options with you and make sure that you will very happy with the result. Have a look at my gallery to see some of my work.

Frequently asked questions

  • My chair is in need of re-upholstery – how do I get an estimate?

If you send me a picture by email I can give you a rough estimate for labour cost, excluding fabric. If you would like to take it further I can visit you at home to have a closer look and give a more accurate estimate. We can discuss options for upholstery fabric and finish.

  • What is the process of getting my chair re-upholstered?

Once you accept the estimate and your fabric has been chosen, you will be asked to pay a 50% deposit so that fabric can be ordered. I will organise with you when the chair can be delivered/ collected and will give you a time schedule. Once the chair is finished, you will be notified and collection / delivery will be arranged. Final balanced will be paid once the chair is complete and you are happy.

  • I am not sure which fabric I would like?

I can help you find the right upholstery fabric for you. In my workshop I have many sample books to browse through, or I can send you samples to consider. I have sample books from leading textile brands such as: Abraham Moon & Sons, Linwood, Clarke & Clarke, GP & J Baker, The Isle Mill and others.

  • Is re-upholstery worth the investment?

This is a very personal question, but mainly depends on how much you like the style, how comfortable it is and how solid the frame is. Re-upholstery gives you the chance to put your own stamp on it and make it bespoke to your taste.  Re-upholstering your chair or sofa can give you many more years of use and enjoyment!

  • Why would I choose Flamingo Upholstery?

As an associate member of the AMUSF (Association of Master Upholsterers & Soft Furnishers), I offer a bespoke and professional re-upholstery service.  I  offer advice on which upholstery fabric and finish is best suited for your furniture. In the workshop I have many sample books from leading textile brands as well as samples of braids. I will communicate clearly with you from start to finish and will make every effort to complete the work to a high standard and to your full satisfaction.

Upholstery of antique furniture

To restore antique furniture, one should consider using traditional methods and materials for re-upholstery. This is labour intensive, but long lasting! The pictures above show some of the traditional upholstery techniques, such as stitching a seat pad, stuffing ties to hold the fibres in place and using skewers to position the hessian.

Upholstery of vintage and modern furniture

Chairs made after the 1950’s are generally not upholstered with traditional materials, and re-upholstery of these chairs are best done with modern techniques and fillings, such as elasticated or Pirelli webbing, foams, polyester and using staples instead of tacks.

Whether traditional, vintage or modern, I take great pride and pleasure in transforming  chairs and or sofas into an amazing piece of furniture, which will last for a long time to come.